The System

Accreditation Manager is a sophisticated fully automated compliance management software system, which guides bus operators through their compliance obligations with a unique ‘click-fix’ process.

It is a set of tools that make compliance easy: more efficient, compliant and up-to-date. As an Accreditation Manager user, you will enjoy reduced management time and gain a more efficient & higher standard of safety and compliance.

Our system is cloud based, addresses all compliance obligations and is constantly updated and upgraded to the latest bus compliance regulations.

Our system is customisable, meaning you only pay for what you need.

In addition, Accreditation Manager has been commended and recommended by auditors and bus operators alike.
With Accreditation Manager, you will acquire:

  • Safety & Compliance Essentials
  • Realistic Reports
  • Paperless Procedures
  • AS/NZS4801 Safety Certified Systems
  • No Lock-in Contracts

What We Offer

Accreditation Manager offers several cloud based management systems for managing compliance obligations in a more effective and efficient manner.

Each package addresses different aspects of bus compliance and is tailored to your business. Since the system is customisable, this means you only pay for what you need.

Package 1: VMD (Tachograph) + RMS 531 Compliance Certificate

Together, our app and the TomTom In-Vehicle Unit maximises management capabilities and operational efficiency whilst minimising costs. This cloud based management system includes paperless driver records (including pre-departure and end-of-shift declarations), electronic exception alerts (when a driver over speeds or drives excessive hours) and the option of real-time tracking.

Package 2: Driver Management

Accreditation Manager’s Driver Management system focuses on monitoring & managing your drivers and ensuring their information & training is always up-to date. This package includes your formal Training Register, Driver’s Register and other legal documents (including Application for Employment, Enlistment, Anti-Bullying Policy, and Driver Training).

Package 3: Vehicle Maintenance Management

All your vehicle service documents conveniently delivered in a single email alert; receive online notifications ‘just-in-time’ with your vehicle’s service sheet attached. Our system includes compliance critical documents relative to Vehicle Management, specifically Vehicle Reports, your formal Maintenance Management System (MMS), Roadworthy Inspection Reports and Repairer’s Register.

Package 4: Compliance Essentials

All of your compliance essentials in one package. Accreditation Manager transforms compliance obligations and various office tasks into ‘click-fix’ solutions. Our cloud based management system for Compliance Essentials is always up-to-date and addresses all your compliance obligations.

We tailor the system to your specific needs. This package includes various Reports, Registers, Statistics and Reviews required for safe and legal operations. In addition, our systems have been certified to the Australian / New Zealand Standard AS/NZ: 4801.

Managing your compliance has never been this easy.

Package 5: Improve Driver Performance

Driver performance is key to safe and efficient operations.

Our systems provides an industry specific system which streamlines bus compliance processes. As a result, Accreditation Manager offers state-of-the-art solutions that provide:

  • drivers the information and security they need to drive safety and economically
  • businesses the knowledge and insight they need to make evidence based decisions with minimum downtime
Package 6: Compliance Training for Middle Managers*

Accreditation Manager offers a Compliance Training Course for middle managers employed by NSW Bus Operators. 10 hours, over 1 or 2 days (flexible delivery options). This specialised course includes:

  • Chain of Responsibility
  • Risk Assessment
  • Incident Investigation
  • Driver Training
  • KPI & Compliance Reports
  • Compliance Reviews
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management
  • Compliance Critical Requirements

* This course is not part of the National Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF); it is industry specific for NSW only. No formal qualification is obtained from this course.

Package 7: Bus Driver Authority Training (NSW Bus Drivers)

Accreditation Manager offers the NSW Bus Driver Authority training course. The training course is nationally accredited and has been approved by Transport for NSW. Accreditation Manager is able to provide the training and assessment required to qualify for a Bus Driver Authority.

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System Features​

See below how each feature of Accreditation Manager’s system can benefit your business.


Staff Reports
Online Knowledge Gap Testing
Training Register
Incident Register
Driver Register
Safety Management Documents

Automatic Driver Authority Checking NSW)
Staff Meetings Agenda
Staff Communications
Real Time Tracking
Speed Reports
Weekly Timesheets


For Your Records

Weekly Online Reports
Boarding Reports
Duty Descriptions
Historic Tracking
Passenger Boarding Reports


Fatigue Management & Speed Alerts
Driver Education
First Aid Register
Drugs & Alcohol Program
Emergency Management Procedures
Incidents (including Emergency Procedure Guides EPGs with photo options)
Screen Messages
Turn by Turn Navigation


Passenger Safety

Risk Register
Fit-For-Work Declaration
Compliments & Complaints
Student Register
Lost & Found (with photo options)

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Reports
Fleet Register
Tyre Register
Vehicle Maintenance Management
Fire Extinguisher Dates
Road Worthy Inspections
Pre-Departure Checks
Vehicle Odometer



Monthly Reports
Management Information Documents
Senior Management Agenda
Daily Compliance & Safety Ranking (CSR)
Driver Performance Reports
AS/NZS4801 Certified Systems